Terms and Conditions
1. By a) enrolling a dog with or b) allowing a dog to attend or c) accepting the Services of WestWoofs, the Client is accepting these Terms and Conditions set out below.

2. WestWoofs may act in the Client’s absence as custodian of their dog and may perform or take any action which they deem necessary in order to protect and keep the dog safe. In the event of an emergency situation WestWoofs have the authority to make important healthcare related decisions on behalf of the Client in the instance that the Client cannot be contacted and the matter is a dog welfare issue – in collaboration with our partnered vets. Advice from our partnered vets in these situations will always be followed. Details of WestWoofs registered vet can be found at the reception.

3. WestWoofs requires one month’s notice of cancellation. The Client agrees to provide such notice or pay the amount that would be due during this notice period. The Client may cancel with notice at any time; there is no minimum term of contract at WestWoofs.

4. WestWoofs requires payment up front 48 hours before the Client’s dog attends their regular day(s). Failure to pay will result in the Client’s dog not being able to attend. WestWoofs allows 2 weeks of ‘holiday allowance’ over a 12 month period. Therefore, if the Client does not send their dog for any reason, the fee for the agreed regular days is still payable in full. The Client may swap or add days in lieu if their dog does not attend providing advance notice of this non attendance has been given to WestWoofs via email and there is space on other days to swap. Preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit. Card payments will also be accepted, however there might be an additional administration fee of 2.5% added to the total cost.

5. The Client may swap their agreed regular days on an ad hoc basis subject to availability. Swapped days must be used within 3 months, are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. It may be possible to add occasional extra days as required, subject to availability. Requests to do so should be made via email.

6. The Client will take responsibility for any costs which may be incurred, by either veterinary or other, as a result of any damage, accident, or sickness caused to or by their dog and will pay any such costs or expenses on demand.

7.WestWoofs is mainly an off-lead environment. The Client gives permission for WestWoofs to walk their dog off the lead. The Client consents to their dog playing and interacting with other dogs in WestWoofs secure field environment. Leads will be used between the inside facility and secure field environment.

8. The Client has confirmed that their dog has no record of aggressive or anti-social behaviour and they have given a full disclosure of any characteristic or trait that might make their dog unsuitable for a dog daycare environment where dogs are required to socialise.

9. Should the Client’s dog be deemed to be unsuitable by WestWoofs due to unwanted behavior towards other dogs, or the dog daycare environment is making them scared, anxious or worried, WestWoofs reserves the right to cancel the booking indefinitely, with immediate effect.

10. To ensure a safe environment all male dogs over one year old must be neutered in order to attend. Females in season generally cannot attend for at least 4 weeks.

11.The Client agrees to ensure that their dog will be kept up to date on all vaccinations, de-worming and defleaing.

12. If fleas, ticks or lice are noticed on the Client’s dog, the Client will receive communication to seek advice from their vet. WestWoofs will not administer medication without the Client’s consent. If the Client cannot be contacted the dog will be monitored and isolated if appropriate.

13. Medicines instructed to be given to their dog at WestWoofs by the Client will be stored, used and disposed of in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Medicines will only be administered to their dog with the Client’s consent following veterinary advice.

14. WestWoofs does not supply dog food. If the Client supplies their dog with a daily meal whilst at WestWoofs then the Client understands their dog will be fed in a separated area in isolation from other dogs.

15. All dogs who attend WestWoofs partake in an enrichment programme that involves socialisation, play, scents, snacks and interactions. Appropriate adjustments will be made to allow the participation of dogs with special requirements.

16.When attending WestWoofs, the Client’s dog must wear a collar with an ID tag.