Our Story
Founded in 2022, WestWoofs aims to be the leading provider for doggy day care services in Wiltshire. We are constantly striving to learn more about dogs and to share our expertise with others. All of our staff are long term dog lovers, having grown up with them and becoming fluent in the language of ‘dog’ from an early age.

The Schofield family have owned the site for over 10 years and decided to diversify into the dog industry after seeing their own dog’s enjoyment going there on a daily basis.

“It’s such a beautiful spot, with a real calming vibe. The dogs start shaking with excitement in the back of the car when we turn onto Elms Cross Road and often hide when it’s home time! It’s wonderful to be able to offer this stunning site to other dog owners and watch their dogs enjoy the area as much as ours do.”

We aim to provide a secure and stimulating environment for your dogs, whilst also making them feel relaxed and at home in their surroundings.

At WestWoofs we strive for excellence, with all our doggy day care carers attending dog first aid courses, completing a Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare and further indepth training of all new relevant research.